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Opening Honey Coffee & Tea

A specialized place to enjoy the delights of coffee place

  • Baños de Agua Santa
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  • 30 de Enero del 2016

In the city of Baños de Agua Santa in Rocafuerte and Maldonado streets, next to the Teatro Latino he recovered Honey Coffee & Tea, a romantic place full of good vibes and energy was opened.

Honey is the name of this new specialty coffee in Baños de Agua Santa, it will offer a variety of coffees, which may find up to 35 varieties of coffee, hot or cold, spicy or spirits. Prepared by different methods: extraction as the Chemex, AERO PRESS, V60, FRENCH PRESS, coffee siphon or vacuum and traditional CHUSPA.

Also those who are tea lovers, they also have the opportunity to enjoy 12 varieties, including: green tea, black. white, rooibos, chai, fruit and herbal.

Honey Coffee & Tea'll find a place where the Mediterranean style enjoy coffee or tea, but also have the option "to go", at very affordable prices for all lovers of these delicious drinks.

Additionally it offers homemade desserts, homemade bread, and a variety of sandwiches and Italian, Roast Beef that has thin slices of tenderloin - caramelized onions - lettuce - tomatoes - and a delicious sauce, sandwich of chicken house that has - crispy bacon - lettuce - tomato - onion - homemade mayonnaise and avocado.

The desserts offered are the Honey amenities such as: Cheesscake, passion fruit, with Oreo, brownie, tiramisu, lemon pie. Also available in Spanish omelet, spinach pie, green mini boulders, cassava bread and other varieties know if visits Honey Coffee & Tea.

The hours are from 8H00am until 20H00pm.

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