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The authentic Italian pizza

That summer Tuesday, everyone walked fast, lively, full of life. The shops and the streets were rowdy, but at the same time could enjoy a wonderful harmony.
Italy, for its flavors and colors is unique.
He lived again and again experiences with intense feelings. We enjoyed their music, its people, its culture and especially its luster.
It is something that we want to offer in our stores. A corner of Italy at their tables. With pure and authentic flavors.
Welcome. We wait.
Wilfrido Guevara and Family Farm

It is a paste of Tuscan origin.
Pasta with broad measures that initially was drawn up in the kitchens of the Tuscan village for its men and women workers. A thick, stiff dough was what was required for a full day of hard work.
Its name deriba the verb "pappare" which in Italian means "swallow".
The selection of high quality ingredients is an essential part of Italian culinary tradition. Just try a slice of bread with olive oil to appreciate the essence of this cuisine.


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