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Rafting, canopy, canyoning and bungee jumping around the city.

Village tourism is closely related to the rest of the canton; the main attraction is the nature Canton, equipped with high biodiversity. It is one of the most tourist towns of Ecuador; It is also known as "The Golden Gate" and also known as "The Bit of Heaven" because of the tranquility offered by their environment. It also offers many attractions: You can visit the Basilica of the Virgin of Rosario de Agua Santa, you can visit different waterfalls, climb the Tungurahua (volcano), try marshmallows (sweet made from sugar cane), there are varieties of handicrafts made in balsa and tagua made elsewhere and resold in this location.

Baños de Agua Santa is a suitable place to practice various adventure sports such as town: rafting, kayaking, canyoning, rock climbing, bungee jumping, horseback riding, nature walks, canopy, mountain biking, etc. It has 5 municipal spas with mineral and sulphurous waters ranging from cold to 18 ° C until the hot 55 ° C; emerging from the bowels of the Tungurahua volcano. It has a pink area where more than 30 clubs, bars and discotecas.4 In this city you can access more than 80 restaurants with varied local and international cuisine.

Adventure Sports

  • Rafting: It is a sport and recreational activity that consists of crossing the river channel in the flow direction (downstream), usually on some kind of boat or raft. It is done in the Pastaza River in the eastern sector of the city, starting from San Francisco, or from the La Penal (Black River); it is done in two sections of the river with different levels of difficulty ranging from III to V. It requires knowing how to swim, not to the level III experience is required, but for levels IV and V.
  • Canopy: Bathrooms has a variety of places where you can do in this city from 250 meters to 1000 meters another place where we can make this canopy can be found multi-line services between cloud forests, rivers and ravines as this activity You can make both children and adults.
  • Kayak: It's a sport that can be practiced only by experts. In the eastern part of bathrooms in the Mole River Parish Black River is, according to some experts is one of the most technical rivers and the best for this sport, besides the beauty of the environment and biodiversity in the sector.
  • Canyoning: is practiced in the canyons and ravines of rivers, waterfalls descend allows tied to a rope. And with safety equipment, which is provided entirely by the operating agency hired and supervised by experienced guides. In the vicinity there are several places with unique natural landscapes where this activity takes place, including: Chamana, Rio Blanco and Cashaurco.6
  • Bungee Jumping: It is an extreme sport, namely a form of stringing jump is made from rope bridge (s) dynamics (s) (climbing) as pendulum; It is an exciting and unforgettable experience. In bathrooms it makes on the bridge of San Francisco (sector bus terminal) and the White River Bridge (4 km. East of the city) .7
  • Climbing: It requires a lot of strength and adrenaline, which includes heights of considerable danger. In bathrooms there are very specific as the walls of San Martin, located behind the route of Bus Terminal Bridge (San Francisco) composed of volcanic rock, have been implemented in some fixed anchors and certain routes. There is an artificial wall in the Barrio El Recreo in Aventura.8 Park
  • Down hill: it can be done on several routes such as the route of Windows (Runtún) - Baths, there are other more affordable as Chontilla- Lligua The antennae; Osohuaico- Lligua, Pondoa-Baths, or -Bathrooms Plank, Antennas-Baths, Vizcaya-Bathrooms route.

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